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Arbutus College is a leading private Business School located in Vancouver, Canada. We offer programs in Business, Hospitality, International Trade, Communication Arts and Translation & Interpreting (Japanese/English, Korean/English, Chinese/English). 

We are a unique college where communication skills are integrated with academic and professional business training.  In today’s market place communication skills, including speaking and writing, have become essential. With the right knowledge and relevant experience our graduates have been able to find work or enter university in the shortest time possible. 

At Arbutus College we are proud of our cultural diversity. Our students enjoy a multicultural environment, with an exciting mix of nationalities in every classroom. Students from Latin America, Russia, Germany, Italy, China, Korea, Japan, Morocco, Turkey and India come together at Arbutus College and enjoy the benefits of being exposed to different cultures and backgrounds. At Arbutus College we not only provide our students with high quality instruction but also provide them with the environment and multicultural background they need to become leaders in today’s global economy.

Our programs have been designed to help you achieve your career goals.

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About Arbutus

Most jobs today require fluency in English, a detailed knowledge of industry concepts, and a few years of work experience....

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