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Arbutus College became part of the EduCo International Group in 2011. EduCo is a leader in the provision of education in major English speaking countries for students from around the world. With campuses located in Australia, Canada and the United States, EduCo’s institutions cater to a broad range of students with course offerings in Higher Education, University Pathway, Vocation, Career and English language programs. EduCo offers students a variety of options including wholly-owned private colleges, public university bachelor and post-graduate degrees and, on-campus pathway programs with local colleges and universities. Located in some of the world’s most popular study destinations, our campuses are easily reached by public transport and purpose-designed for efficient delivery of high quality academic and student support services.

Australia • Sydney
• Melbourne
• Perth
USA • Boston
Canada • Vancouver
Mexico • Mexico City
Brazil • Sao Paulo
China • Chengdu
• Shanghai
• Shenyang
India • Ahmedabad
• Chandigarh
• Delhi
• Mumbai
Pakistan • Islamabad
• Karachi
Philippines • Manila
Thailand • Bangkok
Vietnam • Ho Chi Minh
Malaysia • Kuala Lumpur
Indonesia • Jakarta
South Korea • Seoul
Sri Lanka • Sri Lanka

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