Hospitality Management

The hotel management and operations specialty is one of the most dynamic areas of the tourism and hospitality industries. With the on-going construction of luxury hotels and resorts worldwide, analysts expect job opportunities in hospitality management to be outstanding in the years to come. Today, well-qualified hotel managers are in ever-increasing demand in major cities and tourist resorts around the world.

At Arbutus College, our Hospitality Management program takes graduates beyond basic training. Students learn from experts in this field to understand the complex needs of hotel patrons, with an emphasis on resolving problems and elevating the overall travel accommodation experience.

With a solid background in business communication and hotel management, Arbutus College graduates are able to establish truly rewarding careers in this dynamic industry.

Diploma in Hospitality Management
Co-op Diploma in Hospitality Management
Professional Diploma in Hospitality Management
Co-op Professional Diploma in Hospitality Management

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