Our Story

Arbutus College was founded in 2002 by Jindra Repa, a former senior administrator and instructor with over 25 years of experience at a number of public and private colleges in Canada. Arbutus College obtained its accreditation status with PTIB in June, 2004, and currently offers more than 40 certificate and diploma programs across a variety of disciplines.

The key objective of the founder was to provide students with a unique business school structure not otherwise available in Vancouver. The uniqueness of Arbutus College lies in the matrix curriculum that allows for single courses to be applied to several programs. This results in flexible timetables that allow students to select both mandatory and elective courses to meet their own schedule demands.

The Arbutus tree

Native to Canada, Arbutus trees have the ability to survive the harsh coastal climate that is wet and windy with snow in the winter, but dry and parched in the summer seasons of the Pacific Northwest. The trees can grow to over one hundred feet tall and giant trees can be as wide as ten feet in diameter. These trees can live up to 500 years. Like its namesake, Arbutus College prides itself on its resiliency and uniqueness to grow ever stronger to meet the demands of the educational climate.

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