Mio, Japan

“My decision to study at Arbutus College was right. I have been studying Japanese/English translation and interpreting at Arbutus for about three months. I still remember that I was so nervous on my first day worrying if I would be able to catch up with classes. However, thanks to my professional, considerate teachers, advisor and friendly enthusiastic classmates, I am learning a lot regarding translation and interpreting skills and also about the beautiful city of Vancouver and Canada”

Alawi, Saudi Arabia

“I enjoy this college because it feels like a home and a family. The Arbutus College teachers are very professional and caring, and give us their support and attention in every class”

Yihao, China

“I am truly thankful to Arbutus College for providing me with a great learning experience and having guided me to transfer to a university for further study. I really do appreciate all the staff, instructors, and advisors at Arbutus College because I could not have achieved my life goals without you.”

Paula, Canada

“After completing my Co-op Diploma in Business Management, I felt that my value had increased and it made me more confident to apply for work, and in doing so I was able to obtain a job as business coordinator. I would not hesitate in recommending Arbutus College to other potential students”

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