Arbutus and Acsenda roadshow across 3 continents

Education coordinators of Arbutus College and Acsenda School of Management have been conducting roadshows across three continents in their bid to bring in a more varied mix of international students.

They have just been to South Korea in Asia and Mexico in North America as well as Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey in Europe to speak with education agents and students.

The team is headed by Tanja Milosevic, EduCo Recruitment and Marketing Director for Canada Offshore Operations.

In Istanbul, Turkey, they participated in an event organised by A2 International Education Fairs, one of the biggest educational fairs in Southeastern Europe. They also coordinated with an agency partner, egitimAL Foreign Education Consultancy Service, which is facilitating the entry of new students to Canada.

The team then travelled to Sarajevo and Banja Luka, the two biggest cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to meet with prospective students and welcome incoming students.

In Montenegro, they experienced a large audience to their event and generated a lot of inquiries regarding Acsenda and Arbutus as well as life in Canada.

In Mexico, the team attended the Class Education Fair, one the biggest international education fairs in Mexico. Tanja reveals that they continue to have a very fruitful partnership with Class Education and are looking forward to welcoming the new students from Mexico.

Over in South Korea, the team met with a new agency partner, Uhaklab, and conducted a seminar on the programs of Acsenda and Arbutus. Regional Recruitment Coordinator Jerry Cho also touched base with prospective students who have signified their interest in the Co-op Programs of Arbutus College. Uhaklab, for its part, will be sending over a representative in November to visit the campuses of both colleges.

With the volume of enquiries and applications generated by the events, Acsenda School of Management and Arbutus College are well on their way to achieving a more varied international student mix and enriching the student experience with the multicultural exchanges.

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