Arbutus College now offers 12-month program in Computer Science and Frontend Web Development

(Vancouver, Canada) — Arbutus College is introducing a new Diploma in Computer Science and Frontend Web Development for tech-savvy students in Canada and all around the globe. Arbutus College’s Computer Science and Frontend Web Development program aims to train students with the expertise to develop advanced applications and websites that make connecting and working easier and more efficient.

This program leads students who are passionate about technology into a career in an in-demand sector in Canada or elsewhere in the world.

Established in 2002, Arbutus College is a vocational training provider in Vancouver, Canada that provides students with educational opportunities in business, hospitality, international trade and marketing. The college has a student-focused approach and a strong campus community, proven by its high student satisfaction rate of 95%. With the launch of its Diploma in Computer Science and Frontend Web Development, students now have the option to develop skills in technology, which are critical in keeping up with the changing work demands and skill sets required in jobs today.

“The digital transformation the world is currently facing is shaping the workforce and increasing the demands for skills in expertly using various programming languages and in converting data in ways users can view and interact with, specifically through web applications and websites,” notes Alfredo Vazquez, PhD, Arbutus College Director.

Graduates of the new 12-month program will be able to master coding with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This opens plenty of opportunities for them to become successful frontend developers, React developers, JavaScript developers or web integrators.

Studying in Arbutus College also means experiencing life in Canada. “Students who choose to pursue this diploma will not only benefit from Arbutus College’s convenient, manageable study schedules and supportive faculty and staff,” adds Vazquez, “they will also gain valuable experiences through studying in Canada.

”Ranking first in the world when it comes to quality of life, Canada houses hundreds of thousands of international students. Canada is known for its safe and welcoming campuses and high-quality education that is recognized worldwide. The country maintains a strong commitment towards multiculturalism and offers opportunities for international students to apply for permanent residency right after graduation. All international students are also eligible to work part-time (up to 20 hours per week) while studying, and full-time in “off” semesters and term breaks

Learn more about Arbutus College’s Diploma in Computer Science and Frontend Web Development, its fees, evaluation methods, completion requirements, and minimum admission requirements here.

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