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Arbutus College partners with Devant to provide enhanced Career Services support for students.

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Upcoming Events

January 11 

Expert Panel: Careers in IT

Our industry experts from Oracle NetSuite are ready to share their personal career journeys, provide context through their lived experiences, and answer your questions live! 

January 18

Workshop: Revamping Your Resume

Register to attend this live workshop where our expert will be answering your burning resume questions and reviewing up to 5 attendees’ submitted resumes!

Our Resume Expert will suggest layout and format improvements, Which information can be added and/or removed, Applicant Tracking System (ATS) tips, ways to tailor your resume to your industry including keywords, and much more! 

January 25 

Workshop: How to Ace a Virtual Interview

In preparation for the upcoming ‘Get Hired at Home’ virtual expo, we invite you to attend this special workshop to learn essential virtual interviewing skills. The session will be hosted by a seasoned recruiter, so you will be able to learn exactly how to make a good first impression on the participating employers. 


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