Diploma in Computer Science and Frontend Web Development

Academic Program & Program Duration
Diploma in Computer Science and Front-end Web Development 12 months
Co-op Diploma in Computer Science and Front-end Web Development with Practicum 12+3 months

In collaboration with Holberton, Inc., Arbutus College has developed a customised 12-month program using the unique Holberton, Inc. Learning Management System (LMS) platform which was created from years working with expert professional software engineers and computer science education leaders around the globe. This specialised platform is the core of Arbutus’s Diploma in Computer Science and Frontend Web Development as students start from the basics of computer science and low-level programming using project based and Peer-to-peer learning as they progress on to higher level programming skills and web development expertise.

The Holberton LMS uses an exclusive auto-grading system tool, the “Checker” that quickly analyses, tracks and scores millions of lines of code to provide custom feedback to each student as they learn to code live on the platform. Not only does it check for proper functioning of code created by students, but it can check for dozens of other critical supporting elements like proper code documentation, code styling, code efficiency, and more, and guides students to learn how to fix the errors and develop their coding mastery.

In this program, students will learn skills in frontend development, including many skills that are in high demand throughout the industry.

Frontend web development defines how we use our computers every day. The work of Frontend developers is what helps technology be usable to the average person, and companies with the best, most stable, and most usable sites are the most popular on the web.

A Frontend developer is not only someone who can code with a framework, but someone that understands why these frameworks exist, work and how they interact with the browser

If you want to make the web more usable, more accessible, and more fun to use, Arbutus College’s Diploma in Computer Science and Frontend Web Development is the path for you to prepare for a career in an in-demand sector in Canada and elsewhere in the world.

This program does not require students to have previous software engineering experience but is also designed for those who do.  The dynamic learning management system provides a project-based, coding platform with automatic correction functionality and is powered by Holberton Inc Computer Science and Software Development.


Duration: 12 months

Tuition Fees: $20,000 (Scholarships available. Click HERE to inquire)

Program Fees: $830

Total Fees: $20,830


Career Occupation:

Graduates in this program can reasonably expect to get jobs as: Frontend Developer, React Developer, Javascript Developer or Web Integrator.


Learning Objectives:

At the end of this program, students will be able to convert data in ways users can view and interact with it through web applications and websites. Students will also be able to code with HTML, CSS, JavaScript.


Evaluation Methods:

Final exams, homework, in class participation, team projects.


Completion Requirement:

Completion of all program credits and overall GPA of 1.67 (C-)


Mandatory Courses Course Name Credits Hours of instruction
COM 201 Business Oral Communication 3 36
COM 211-212 Business Writing 6 72
COM 125-128 (three of them) Business English 6 72
BU 218-220 Business Management 6 72
OS 1000 Fundamentals of Open Source Operating Systems 3 38
PP 1000 Beginning Procedural Programming 3 38
PP 1000 Beginning Procedural Programming 3 38
PP 1100 Basic Procedural Programming 4 50
PP 1200 Intermediate Procedural Programming 5 60
PP 1300 Introduction to Data Structures 2 25
OP 1000 Foundations of Object Oriented Programming 3 38
OP 1100 Intermediate Object Oriented Programming 2 25
WD 1000 Beginning Web Development 4 50
WD 1100 Intermediate Web Development 3 38
WD 1200 Advanced Web Development 3 38
SA 1000 Introduction to System Administration 3 36
PR 1100 Professional Development – Frontend 4 48
PB 1100 Basic Dynamic Programming 2 25
PF 1000 Frontend Fundamental Elements 3 38
PF 1100 Frontend Architecture 3 38
PF 1200 Interactive User Interface 4 48
PF 1300 Dynamic User Interface 3 40
PRO 1100 Professional Seminar – Frontend 4 48
  TOTAL 79 973

*Under license with Holberton, Inc. Computer Science and Software Development


Minimum admission requirements:

High school completion or higher. Entrance test EPT 64 or better.
English proficiency test acceptable: TOEFL 510 or better, IELTS 5.0 or better


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