International Trade


Academic Program Program Duration
Foundations Certificate in International Trade 2 months
Certificate in International Trade 3 months
Diploma in International Trade 6 months
Diploma in Operations and Supply Chain Management 6 months
Honours Business Management with Specializations in International Trade 12 months


Co-op Program Academic and Practicum Duration
Practicum Certificate in in International Trade 4 months + 2 months
Work Experience Diploma in International Trade 6 months + 2 months
Honours Co-op Diploma in Business with Specializations in International Trade 12 months + 12 months
Co-op Diploma in Operations and Supply Chain Management 6 months + 6 months


More business markets have been going global due to the rapid integration of international economies, resulting in the tremendous growth of the international trade industry. Today, businesses have new opportunities to expand their markets by buying and selling to other countries.

At Arbutus College, our International Trade Certificate program gives students the relevant skills and experience to enter this exciting industry. We offer practical courses geared towards real-world knowledge. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to read, write, and comprehend trade documents, as well as to carry out appropriate trade procedures and operations.


FITT Skills program
The Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) Skills program is a highly practical, hands-on series of courses that focus on the fundamental aspects of international business. Students may register for these courses as part of our International Trade programs. Upon successful completion of all six (6) courses and assessments, students will be awarded a FITT Diploma in International Trade.


FITT training
Arbutus College is an educational partner of the FITT. We offer courses that lead to FITT certification and the Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) designation. FITT courses prepare individuals by giving them the practical skills they need for jobs in today’s competitive world.

FITT is an international trade training and professional certification body; the leading membership-based organization of its kind in the world.




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