Academic Program Program Duration
Foundations Certificate in Marketing 2 months
Certificate in Marketing 3 months
Diploma in Marketing 6 months
Diploma in Digital Marketing 6 months
Honours Business Management with Specializations in Marketing 12 months


Co-op Program Academic and Practicum Duration
Practicum Certificate in Marketing 4 months + 2 months
Work Experience Diploma in Marketing 6 months + 2 months
Honours Co-op Diploma in Business with Specializations in Marketing 12 months + 12 months

Marketing drives business development, both locally and globally. It is about understanding and satisfying customers’ needs and desires. As an information society, we have the ability to connect global markets and create new marketing opportunities like never before. This, however, also presents many challenges.

Our marketing program will help students learn the theory and practice of marketing from experienced marketing professionals while keeping such challenges in mind. A key objective of this program is to teach students how to develop an effective marketing plan and how to successfully follow through on every step of the marketing process. The program will provide students with extensive training in marketing research, international marketing, and direct-marketing campaigns. Mastering these skills will empower students to target positions within the marketing department of any organization.

Students acquire the skills needed to be a professional marketer in today’s competitive business environment. Arbutus College graduates are ready to meet the challenges of today’s fast-paced, global economy. 






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