Student Life

Arbutus College’s campus is both fun and conducive to studying. Learning is facilitated by supportive faculty and staff who genuinely care about student development.

Students have a highly reliable support system. Student advisors, student ambassadors, and the student association ensure that questions and issues of the student community are addressed.

Arbutus College also holds on-campus events like talks and forums, workshops, trade shows and fairs, and social functions. They not only supplement academic learning but foster strong relationships among participants that later become valuable professional networks for graduates.


Kentaro Ueno

My experience at Arbutus College was amazing. All the instructors were very knowledgeable in their fields. More importantly, they knew how to bring out the best in every student. Prior to my studies, I wasn’t good at talking in front of many people. The class presentations and group discussions initiated by our instructors changed that. I love doing these kinds of things now! In addition to this, I was exposed to diverse cultures at Arbutus College which broadened my mind and gave me new ways of thinking.

To those undecided about which college to attend, I would like to say, “Apply here now!” I am 100% sure that you will get great experiences at Arbutus College.



Suna Jang

Studying at Arbutus College is a great way to experience Canadian culture, to learn in a very supportive environment, and to acquire new skills.

I didn’t just learn business and hospitality here. I also discovered how to organize a resume, a CV, as well as business letters and reports–basic things I never learned in Korea. My speaking and presentation skills also improved greatly here at Arbutus College. You gain more than just a certificate or diploma here. I am very thankful.






Praeladda Sivathavorn

I really wanted to take Hospitality Management. Because Arbutus College was highly recommended by international education agencies, I went for it. I have vastly improved my English thanks to Arbutus College and I’ve also made many international friends that I spend a lot of time with. I feel really prepared to take on a career in the hotel industry because of my hospitality management classes and my English communication skills.
Arbutus College is not only my school but is also my second home. Vancouver is such a lovely place with all the nice people and all its beautiful spots like Kitsilano Beach! 



Jeferson Molinari

I’m happy that I got to study Business Management at an affordable price in a very friendly environment. I also enjoyed the location. Vancouver is simply beautiful. It’s a place where you can enjoy the beach and the mountains on the same day!

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